As someone with a love of black clothes, summer can be a hard time for me. After all, black isn’t exactly the traditional “summer staple.” Summer tends to be the season of floral patterns and pastels, leaving blacks and neutrals for the winter months. However, there are certain ways to blend black seamlessly into your summer and fall wardrobe without dying of heat.

This can be seen flawlessly in the Alexander McQueen fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Black is featured heavily in the collection in the form of dresses, jackets and more. The collection also plays heavily with translucent fabrics and cutouts, which I’ve loved to play with lately. The ruffles and feathers added to the already rather over the top garments give it the signature Alexander McQueen look, but the basic elements of the collection translate easily into everyday attire.

I took inspirations from Alexander McQueen’s use of black as well as the collection’s emphasis on cutouts when creating this outfit. I wanted to keep it simple and summer-appropriate, while still giving it that unique flair that Alexander McQueen was known for. This black dress was the perfect fit. The loose silhouette keeps the dress loose and summer-appropriate, regardless of the black color. However, it’s the metal accents that really make the outfit. The slight cutouts and the metal hoops that create them give the outfit edge while just being subtle enough to keep the dress classy. I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it—it’s the perfect edgy take on the classic “little black dress.” On top of that, it’s the perfect way to blend black into my summer wardrobe in a way that would make Alexander McQueen proud. I finished off the outfit with my new favorite pair of shoes—a pair of holographic platform sandals. They add a bit of brightness to the outfit and give it a bit of my own personal flair.

Get My Look: 1. Black dress. 2. Fun sandals. 3. Silver jewelry.