STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized Outerwear

Through the years, Chanel has never failed to impress those who admire fashion. Even in the beginning, Coco Chanel first released her iconic “little black dress” that made women look and feel beautiful. From the minds of some of the greatest designers that have ever lived (i.e. Karl Lagerfeld) come fashion rules that every Fashionista/o has learned to live by. Pre-fall 2015 has pushed the envelope for many designers. Chanel’s latest runway show, featuring models such as Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, took a few old tricks and modernized them into things that appeal to everyday women. Embellishment, neutrals, hats and, my personal favorite, oversized outerwear rocked the runway alongside some classic pieces such as Chanel suits.

For the trend chaser on a college student budget, this look is easy to mimic. By finding inspiration from timeless menswear looks, I recreated my own take on this fresh Chanel trend. With my actually affordable oversized red peacoat, I was able to capture the same feminine yet fashion forward look as the runway bombshells photographed. Pairing this baggy coat with edgy accessories like a charmed chocker and a black floppy hat allowed me to capture the perfect combination of my own personal style and the infamous style of Chanel.

By adding my favorite print (who doesn’t love plaid?) I was able to be bold and chic without overdoing it. I kept my tights and accessories neutral to be sure that the coat truly popped. The hat helped me to obtain a laid back look while again sporting a major trend for this season. This look proved to me that things don’t always have to be skin tight for it to be fashion forward.

Get My Look: 1. The oversized peacoat. 2. The perfect for petites plaid romper. 3. The laidback floppy hat.