STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized Menswear

One thing that made me fall in love with fashion is how you can gain inspiration from almost everything around you. From the colors outside your front door to the fabrics in store windows, Fashonistas are constantly expanding their knowledge of the world and are immensely inspired by what they see.

For me, I am inspired by the people around me and feed off of their creativity and unique personal style. I am constantly scanning the trains, buses and streets for the one Fashionista who is willing to try the latest high fashion trend. When looking for fashion trends, I turn to both men’s and women’s clothing. I have always admired how sleek a button-up and blazer looks on both men and women. So when this year’s fashion trend was men’s business casual, I was ecstatic that I could combine men’s fashion into my every day attire while still keep my look as feminine as possible.

Taking inspiration from the Bouchra Jarrar fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, In Jarrar’s collection, she focused on the use of men’s everyday clothing throughout her outfits. Using dress pants, blazers, ties, black dress shoes and button-ups, Jarrar took original men’s daily attire and transformed the look into a chic feminine fashion statement.

In my look, I combined an oversized men’s light blue blazer and an edgy blue denim dress, pared with white sunglasses and modern flatform sandals. From viewing Jarrar’s collection, I saw how a blazer can transform a look and make an outfit go from ordinary to edgy. A blazer is easy to throw on top of a basic shirt or outfit and can dress up or down a look. I kept this look girly by adding a fun and unique shoe to the outfit but made sure to keep the colors simple and consistent in my accessories. Sometimes plain and simple is a good thing when creating a masculine and eddy look. Make sure not to add too many accessories or patterns, as this could take away from the simplistic look you are aiming for.

Combining masculine and feminine in a look has transpired into most of my outfits. From adding dress shoes to a skirt and top, to wearing dress pants with a sweater and jacket. I have found that it is fun and interesting to try to translate runway looks into my everyday attire. Even if I may fail at capturing the look, I am still winning because I am pushing myself to be creative and to stand out from the crowd.

Get My Look: 1. Long blazer. 2. Denim dress. 3. Flatform sandals.