STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized For The Prize

Casual is the new couture. Kanye West made that very clear in his normcore neutral show last year, and Vetements upped the ante in their fall 2015 ready-to-wear show. Taking the hint, I decided to try my hand and tone things down to be on trend.

The overall fit of this particular outfit is oversized. The baggier the better with casual looks, no matter your size or height. I paired my new Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket with a navy blue button-up dress to copy the models from Vetements. I didn’t have any patterned shirts that I thought would suit the look, so I reverted back to my monochrome comforts one step at a time. That security flannel that you love to rock during finals week? This is its time to really shine. With a solid hooded sweatshirt worn underneath, you won’t have to worry about keeping warm in this getup. The layers look simple but they pack a much needed punch as the temperature continues to dip.

Perked-up details help save an oversized look from swallowing you whole. A tousled ‘do helps aid the casual vibe, but a more polished makeup look will pull it together. I chose a bright red lipstick, seen on the runway of the show. If red isn’t your style, maybe add an extra swipe of moisturizer to combat the winter chapped lips. You’ll thank me later. For an added bit of kick, swap your usual low ankle boots for a heeled version, or in my case, platformed. I like how this particular style mocks construction boots. If it’s a bit too cold to bare your stems try black leggings or even ripped tights to keep the grunge look. With these simple pieces that virtually every student owns, you can look perfectly undone on your trips across campus.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized bomber jacket. 2. A pigmented pout. 3. Boots made for walking.