STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized Coats

I have always been a huge fan of the McCartney family and all of their accomplishments. What I admire the most about them is how they fight for what they believe in. They use the power of their name to inspire their fans and followers and to teach them more about their beliefs. One of the things they constantly fight for is for animal rights.

The fact that Stella McCartney has always been a huge influence in the fashion world, she never gave in to fur or used real leather which truly amazes me. She has always promoted protecting animals through her brand and this is a beautiful act. Being a huge fan of her fashion house and a big animal lover, this just made me love her more.

While watching Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2014 show, I could not help but to be inspired by the monochromatic looks and the oversized jackets. She designs pieces that does not focus on the shape of the female body yet still makes them look extremely feminine simply amazes me.

To create a look based on Stella McCartney’s show, I decided to wear a completely black outfit. Black pants matched with a turtleneck due to the absurdly cold weather. Since there is still a lot of snow out, I went for rubber booties. A perfect choice for keeping your feet both dry and warm. To top off my outfit, I wore an oversized gray cape/coat.This outfit is a perfect choice for a casual winter day!

Get My Look: 1. Simple black jeans. 2. Must-have black sweater. 3. Oversized coat.