Everyone wants to be comfortable and cute! Sitting in a summer class is long and draining, so comfort is everything. The one thing that screams comfort is boyfriend style clothes, but in my case, my brother’s. Fashionistas, if you want to be cute and comfortable, you should hop on this oversized trend bandwagon! Big shirts being turned into dresses or an oversized jacket are making an appearance everywhere.

Out of the New York Fashion Week shows, my favorite was the Tommy Hilfiger fall/winter 2014-2015 collection. The main trend that I fell in love with was the oversized clothes. His line had a lot of plaid patterns, burgundies, olive and khaki colored pieces. The best part about the clothes in the fashion show is that they are easy to transition into everyday wear. Every piece that walked down the runway I can imagine myself wearing on a regular day. This line is a perfect example of how Tommy Hilfiger is an expert at making a smooth transition from the runway to everyday wear.

Because this was a fall/winter fashion show, I had to make little changes to adjust for the season. In this look, I’m wearing my brother’s shirt that became just a little too snug for him. It fits bigger, so it can pass as a dress, but if it’s a little short for your liking, you can add a pair of denim shorts. I paired the outfit with the classic high-top Converse to bring the look together.

Get My Look: 1. Button-down shirt.  2. Denim shorts. 3. Sneakers.