STYLE GURU STYLE: Overalls Over Everything

I’ve talked a lot about how, for a good few runway seasons now, we’ve been seeing a return to the laid-back, bohemian style of the ‘70s. Pants have become looser, brims have become wider, sandals have become chunkier, etc. However, designers have also been taking inspiration from another iconic era recently—the ’90s. In the past few seasons, there’s also been a huge call to ‘90s era minimalism. This means clean silhouettes, dainty jewelry, simplistic styling, etc. Today we’ve managed to combine the favorable trends of the ’70s and ’90s to create a time where seemingly effortless fashion is king, or shall I say queen?

Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection definitely takes inspiration from both of these eras with its simply beautiful pieces. The line’s romantic silhouettes, muted colors, clean lines and minimal styling make each model look so effortlessly chic! I’m so in love with this line. However, there is one look in particular that stands out to me—the pair of dungarees with the white blouse. I think dungarees—more commonly known in the U.S. as overalls—are a clothing item that successfully embodies trends from both the ‘70s and ‘90s. The relaxed, and often skin baring, fit offered a nod to the ’70s, while the notion of a one-piece and an all denim ensemble stayed true to the ’90s. Overalls were a huge trend last summer and they’ve had an even stronger presence this spring and summer. They offer such a simple way to demonstrate a good grasp of current trends!

I recently purchased this pair of overalls at a local thrift store and have been obsessing over them ever since. With this particular look, I took inspiration from Rebecca Minkoff’s line, while mixing in a few ideas of my own that offer testament to the ’70s and ’90s. I opted to wear my overalls with a fitted crop top—very ’90s—rather than a blouse because I wanted to balance out the more relaxed fit of the overalls. However, the off-the-shoulder detail of the top also has a ’70s vibe. I loved all the floppy hats in Minkoff’s show, so I decided to incorporate a floppy hat of my own. This one has a bohemian vibe with its woven material. Rather than wear a dainty sandal, I went with my trusty Birken1stocks, another nod to the ’70s, to match the style of the hat. I then added my RayBan aviators for a simple, and timeless, accessory. Lastly, I kept my hair down in a long-bob for one last testament to ’90s minimalism. This outfit just goes to show that mixing trends from different eras can come together so seamlessly!

Get My Look: 1. Denim overalls. 2. White, fitted crop top. 3. Chunky sandals.