August 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Overalls first came into play as apart of menswear in the year 1750 to protect the body while at work. Soon enough, women were also wearing this style to work. This summer I’ve seen this trend worn more recently in many different styles. Not only does it serve as pants but they also work as shorts, skirts, etc.

I was inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger resort 2017 collection where optimism and fashion were combined as one. While looking through this collection, I saw prints that we normally use today—color-blocking and stripes. I deeply drew my inspiration for overalls from a look I stumbled upon. I prefer the laid back and comfy feeling they give. Overalls, like a dress (depending on the style), show off curves and I made sure I was OVER it ALL. In my outfit, I combined both. I wore a striped long tank that almost passed as dress and tucked it into my boyfriend jean overalls. I believe that the leftover material from the top which bunched underneath gave the illusion of more curves than I already have. I topped this look off with a cap and some white Converse sneakers for a nice chill vibe.

This collection stood out to me the most because Tommy takes very simple pieces and raises the scale into fashion. He slashes every pair of overalls, sweatshirt and jacket with the Tommy Hilfiger name going across. While no bags were seen in this collection, I wanted to give a pop of color with my pink cartoon bag. Not only does this bag stand out but the design behind it does too. It makes it seem that the bag is three dimensional and popping right out of the screen. This gives a pop of color but remains minimal in its own unique way. Got curves? Dear haters, peep this. I’m OVER it ALL in denim!

Get My Look: 1. A striped tank dress 2. Your favorite style of overalls 3. Sneakers