STYLE GURU STYLE: One Sheep, Two Sheep

February 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

The recent runway show from Tom Ford was all about wool, and that’s what today’s article is about!

I will concentrate on a specific look from his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection in which we can appreciate the greatness of this material and how it can form the perfect jacket. When I say the perfect jacket, I mean a long, loose jacket like the ones we can see in his collection.

In this case, Tom Ford took a step further by including frames of different tones going from an intense black to a light cream color. This could seem risky, but it definitely gives the fall season touch to the jacket that makes it multifunctional—warm, comfy and trendy!

In my case, I have also chosen a wool jacket, but the difference in color is on the outside and inside parts instead. What makes it a very versatile jacket is that since it is reversible, you can wear either color depending on which you feel it would be best for the day. In this case, we are not in autumn anymore so I choose the black side (one of the main colors in Tom Ford’s collection), which I feel it matches better for a winter day than the lighter side.

I also decided to take a step forward by mixing it with some grunge burgundy boots. In Tom Ford’s outfits, he matches his jacket with a pair of black boots. Since my jacket is not as colorful as the original one, I decided to give a little more light to the outfit by introducing some of my favorite winter boots without losing the mixture of blacks and browns that he presents on his show.

Get My Look: 1. A big, comfy, wool jacket. 2. A pair of Dr. Martens. 3. Little necklaces for sophistication.