STYLE GURU STYLE: On the Fringe of Fall

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re like me then you can’t wait. There’s something about this season that brings out my best outfits. Although the temperatures in Ohio won’t allow for you to break out your favorite scarves, jackets, booties and turtlenecks just yet, by adopting these Rachel Zoe staples you can still be fashion forward.

Ever since Rachel Zoe had her reality TV show I’ve been obsessed with her style and now call her one of my muses. She is known for her edgy, bohemian vibes and feathered blonde hair that seamlessly pulls off any wide brimmed hat. While the collection that inspired me most is for resort 2016, these looks seem to be more appropriate for those late summer months that often bring cooler nights.

At one point in time trying to pull off furs, fringe and suede in the summer was most likely a taboo idea but Zoe is here to prove us all wrong with this runway show. Transitioning my favorite fringe vest from one season to another seemed nearly impossible until I saw how cute of a statement piece it made. Since this is such a bold move I decided to pair the vest with a light tank in an earth-y color. This collection showcases a lot of other bold looks like power suits to die for. I decided to play off of this idea in a fun and unique way by styling my white vest with white ripped jeans so it appears to look like a set. To stick with my natural color scheme I threw on these chunky brown suede wedges. I fell in love with all the suede that Rachel Zoe was daring enough to put into her show and wanted to add my own touch to the look.

Finally, what’s a Rachel Zoe look without her signature hats? She is the sole reason I got into these babies and I thank her for that because it adds the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Any fringe or faux fur vest. 2. Suede wedges. 3. Boho hat.