It’s been a harsh winter so far in the Northeast to say the least. Therefore, when the temperature goes above 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I can’t help but wear my less warmer coats, pretending its fall.

I was looking at Sonia Rykeil’s pre-fall 2015 collection when bam, I saw this look and my love for the olive color was reignited. It also reminded me that I had an olive-colored coat hidden in my closet! Fashion is timeless, that’s what I love about it. Trends and colors come back in style, demonstrating that you should really hold on to everything because you never know when you can use it again!

My ensemble was primarily influenced by this runway look, but I incorporated my own style in it. Having found my long lost coat, I added a gray sweater and blue jeans. In addition, I found a white hat and put on a pair of black ankle boots. I then decided to put on a gold necklace and watch, which really brought my own style into the outfit. A look is not finished without your own personalized purse; in my case I used a black purse with gold details. I hung my scarf on it as an accessory, but also in case the temperature dropped. That way I would have something else to keep warm.

Winter may still be here for a while, but it never hurt to start thinking about fall and the next colors to keep an eye out for! Rykeil gives a preview of what the main trends might be, and I am definitely looking forward to using navy, white, olive and burgundy.

Get My Look: 1. A white hat. 2. An olive-colored coat. 3. Gold necklace and watch.