Being from the Midwest, sometimes I can’t help but let a little country vibe influence my style. Whether I’m at a thrift store and I pick up a vintage belt (like I did here) or going to a festival decked out in old Western fringe, It somehow always seems to trickle into my outfit choices.

When I was browsing fall 2015 ready-to-wear shows, the Kolor show really stood out to me. I found myself obsessed with the leathers, the fringe, and even the unusual shapes and color combinations. They mixed old with new in terms of textiles, silhouettes, patterns and accessories. This collection comes together in a fascinating way and it really inspired me as we near the transition into fall.

Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do—I think that there are so many affordable finds and lost treasures hidden at the bottom of those sale bins. It’s at a a thrift store that I picked up this vintage silver belt at and I was immediately in love with its flirty Western look. This belt has come in handy many times; I often find myself throwing it on top of any romper or shapeless dress or pulling it through the loops of some old Levi’s.

When reviewing the Kolor show, it’s impossible not to notice the interesting colors, patterns, and shapes which is why I decided to pair my western belt with this unusual gray romper and some black leather Birkenstocks.

Get My Look: 1. Vintage leather belt. 2. A Romper. 3. Birkenstocks.