Fashion for me is like ice cream to a little kid. The sight of clothing, shoes and jewelry excites me! To be able to be featured in this week’s article is even more exciting because I am able to show off what I love to wear and how I incorporated a fashion runway trend with my own personal style. Dark colors, prints and a bold lip are my staples. Most importantly, a smile is my favorite staple!

I received my inspiration from the Hugo Boss pre-fall 2015 collection, in which the pattern houndstooth is repeatedly flaunted. Houndstooth is a black and white pattern that originated in Scotland in the 1800s, where shepherds would wear it as a wool jacket. His collection is interesting because he incorporates a classic. I believe that “old is gold” and anything that is reinvented catches my eye.

Therefore, I picked a houndstooth pattern pair of high-waisted pants, and kept it simple with a blank tank top. In this case, I wanted to wear something different instead of a basic houndstooth blazer or skirt, so I went out and found a pair of pants! I love buying unique and different things! Things that I have not seen before catch my eye, and I tell myself, “That’s what I want!” I also got my second inspiration from the Valentino fall 2015 couture collection. All of the Valentino models are wearing full black and a statement necklace. I incorporated my black tank top with a silver necklace and added on a fringe cross-body bag.

To add a pop of color to my Valentino and Boss-inspired outfit, I wore a Kat Von D liquid lipstick named Bachelorette—my favorite twist of red and pink in one tiny bottle. My outfit speaks casual, chic and confident! My three favorite words that I make sure to stand out in each and every one of my outfits.

Get My Look: 1. Any black tank top. 2. A pair of high-waisted printed pants. 3. A simple, yet chic statement necklace.