January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

What was once thought of as preppy and uptight, pearls no longer fall into this category. As Chanel showed us last spring, pearls mean more than tradition or elegance, but instead chicness in many realms. From the enlarged pearl necklace to the oversized pearl bracelet they are meant to make a statement. That statement however, is up to you to decide.

When I jumped out of bed this morning, I looked straight for comfort in my closet. Some may call me a minimalist, but I may describe it as efficiency. How can I look my best without wasting half of my day getting ready? Cue the pearl-collared sweater. It’s comfortable and simple yet the collar provides an instant accessory. Ta-da! A ready-made outfit complete. Pearls are known for sophistication so let them do the talking and look for simple pieces to match.

Instead of pairing pieces that over-dominate your outfit, look towards complementary items. You can never go wrong with black and white, they’re classic and timeless. Head towards bold, simple pieces put together to create a strong ensemble. My black leather purse, similar to pearls as a whole, speaks for itself. It also doesn’t hurt that they echo the tone of my boots and help tie in my whole look together.

Pearls may be a classic, but they sometimes are also associated with passé terms and ideas. It’s up to you to alter the image of this lovely asset. They can be edgier than you think, just check out Chanel and Dior’s take on them. If simplicity isn’t your strong suit, look for contrasts. Nothing is more stylish than a strand of pearls paired with a leather jacket.

Get My Look: 1. Pearl sweater. 2. Black leather purse. 3. Leather boots.