STYLE GURU STYLE: Objects Without Meaning

It had been a while since I felt that a brand or designer was trying to give a message to its audience. That was until I discovered Alexandra Michelle’s brand called Objects Without Meaning. While I was day dreaming, drooling and wishing that I was part of the craziness of the past fashion month, I realized that I shouldn’t get so upset that I’m not yet part of that world. Clothes are just objects without meaning.

However, I am pretty much obsessed with the actual meaning of clothes—how they make us feel and look. I’m interested in the power of an ensemble and the way our minds work to know what looks good and what does not. The ability that pieces of clothing put together can change your self-esteem. The outfit that I am wearing is an ode to Michelle’s vision for her fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Objects have no meaning, but my clothes and the process I put into getting dressed sure do.

Individually, a leather jacket is just a manufactured product. If we look at it without meaning. However, I see my leather jacket as the most perfect layer every created. It’s so edgy and classic at the same time. It also goes perfectly with 99.9 percent of my closet. Also, a leather skirt is not even considered a basic in a woman’s wardrobe, but to me, is the item that proves that I have the courage to put leather and leather together. The striped T-shirt says “I’ll add a something especial to this color-blocked ensemble.” Also, it can read, “Oui oui, c’est très Parisienne.”

As for the accessories, there is no way they don’t have a meaning. Accessories can decode your personality in a beat. The bandana that, in honor of world-known bloggers, is something I am trying to make my own thing, too. I searched far and wide for my flatform Supergas, because I knew that my baby pink-pony-haired shoes would stand out wherever I go.

So yes, sometimes, objects do not have any meaning. But as for my clothes, I think I’ll pass on that statement. My outfits sure mean something to me. Let’s agree to disagree, shall we?

Get My Look: 1. Leather jacket. 2. Leather skirt with zippers. 3. Cool Superga sneakers.