STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Average Florals

Most things in life are unpredictable, but each year we know that there are certain things that will happen for sure. Christmas will fall on December 25th, the longest day of the year will fall on June 21st and the second the weather gets warmer florals will become a trend again.

It almost seems inane to call florals a trend, since year after year they are automatically reintegrated into everyone’s closets as soon as the trees grow back their first leaves. No one even waits for the most popular fashion magazines to deem them “in,” but that doesn’t stop those magazines from advertising florals as the trend of the season across their covers as if they’ve come across a groundbreaking discovery.

If there’s one main thing I’ve learned in my introductory fashion classes at FIT, it’s that fashion is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Rarely does a designer come up with a trend or concept we haven’t seen before. The best designers take past trends and update them, making them feel new and fresh, even though we’ve seen hem time and time again. This is all we can do for trends like florals that we seem to be unable to escape.

Regardless of how overplayed they are, I think no one ever really gets tired of floral prints. The spring 2015 Luisa Beccaria show was made up almost entirely of gorgeous florals, which inspired me to take a second look at the florals in my closet. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are covered in colorful blooms, with my favorite one of all being this dress.

In a flowy white silk with a loose silhouette and a drawstring waist, this dress is really flattering. It skims and flows over any parts you may want to downplay and cinches in at the smallest part of the torso. It’s light and breathable, so it works perfectly for both the spring and summer. I also love the slightly longer sleeves.

The floral print on this dress is so grown up. These flowers are not big or exaggerated. They look real. I also love that from further away the dress looks black and white, but up close you can see that there are pink and green in the flowers. The color is so subtle, and the print isn’t too in-your-face. It’s on trend without being too trendy. It’s a piece I could wear to dinner, work or really anywhere.

I paired it with rose gold metallic nail polish and minimal makeup. I finished off the look with a pair of heeled fringe sandals from Loeffler Randall.

Get My Look: 1. Light, flowy floral dress. 2. Fun heels. 3. Colorful clutch.