STYLE GURU STYLE: Not the '60s Flower Power

STYLE GURU STYLE: Not the '60s Flower Power

It seems that all gardens are all in bloom right now and so are the floral patterns on summer clothing. I’ve always gravitated towards florals in the summer; there are so many distinctive and unique designs which make each article of clothing different.

Unique and distinctive are just two words I would draw upon when Giambattista Valli debuted his resort 2017 Collection. The never ending use of floral motifs, which include gardenias, peonies and lilies of the valley (just to name a few), add a distinguishing touch to the Roman-born designer’s pieces. Valli’s collection included mini dresses ruffled in cheerful shades of pink and lilac and chiffon blouses with 3-D petal embellishments and beautiful lace details (sure to catch the eye of anyone viewing them). Most models displaying this collection wore gladiator sandals and dawned bright accessories in colors such as mint green, gold and sunny yellow. These trends combined together offered a clear image of how to turn Valli’s style into a casual, everyday outfit.

In order to capture Valli’s decadent floral gowns and blouses (but in a casual way), I opted for a striking chiffon kimono. This loosely structured piece features a cascading ruffled front and textured pattern of beige, rose and black flowers. Underneath, I kept with Valli’s lace details and chose a black crop top that has crochet inserted into the layered shirt. To give this outfit a poised, modern feel I paired these pieces with a pair of faded boyfriend jeans to balance the extreme femininity of lace and chiffon. In Valli’s collection, there were many bow-waist belts so I included a black ribbon tied as a bow for a belt in my translation as well. I thought it was a hip idea to keep the clothing casual and functional for an everyday outfit, yet with a Valli touch

My outfit comprises of similar accessories as the resort 2017 Collection includes. I threw a pastel coral bag over my shoulder and kept the hardware gold to match Valli’s additions in this collection. Similarly, I wore nude gladiator-inspired sandals that went well with my beige, pink and black kimono.

Boyfriend jeans, gladiator-inspired sandals and floral prints are a perfect way to look cool and casual this summer. No matter if the bloomy designs are boldly printed or minutely detailed, they are sure to be unique, eye catching and definitely Giambattista Valli resort 2017 inspired.

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