STYLE GURU STYLE: Not-So-Common Complements

Usually when I think of Louis Vuitton, I think of super high fashion and extravagant style; a look I’d never be able to wear. So you can imagine how surprised I was to discover that the fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection from Louis Vuitton was comprised of so many everyday looks! The collection was Nicolas Ghesquière’s highly anticipated debut for Louis Vuitton and his reappearance after a year away from the fashion scene. His collection features many belts, a lot of leather, some suede, high-wasted trousers and many A-line skirts paired with patterns and contrasting textures. As a huge fan of both turtlenecks and leather, I was mesmerized by the very first look of the collection: a white turtleneck sweater dress with a black and red-orange leather jacket and knee-high leather boots. Even though I dig leather jackets and turtlenecks, I never would have thought of wearing them together… but I dig it. The hard edgy look of the leather jacket and the soft polished look of the turtleneck, surprisingly, complement each other; so I decided to give the look a try!

I put on a black turtleneck and paired it with a tan leather jacket and wore tall black leather boots on my feet. I may have a slight obsession with leather jackets, especially the biker style ones. Leather jackets can be worn pretty much all four seasons and always add a little edge to my outfits. I went for all neutral colors, which I especially love in the winter. I add a little edge of my own by wearing black pants with four zippers near the pockets—two on each side. This outfit is both edgy and sophisticated, which fits my personal style well.

This fall 2014 show has inspired me to mix and match different textures that might not be typically pair together. The result is a multidimensional look that combines multiple styles, and since I never quite stick to any one style anyway, this trend is something I’ll be trying out many more times!

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket. 2. A turtleneck. 3. Tall leather boots. 4. Zipper pants.