STYLE GURU STYLE: Non-Traditional Spring Trend

June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Pastels, polka-dots and stripes are what have typically been seen across spring runways since the beginning of runway show time. Yes, these are classic spring staples, yes, they can’t possibly go out of style and yes, I am fed up with their lurking power over what an average consumer believes is on-trend for spring. These predictable fashion statements have taken the fun out of fashion, at least for me. Fashion is about unpredictability, inconsistency and is supposed to be forever re-inventing itself…right?

So, after many visions of an once owned pair of ankle-cropped, pastel blue, white polka dotted pants danced through my head, I posed myself this question: “why can’t we seem to break free from the pastel, polka dotted, striped noose that has been hung so effortlessly around our necks?”

As I searched for my answer on this glorious thing we call the Internet, I came across Erdem’s striking spring 2015 ready-to-wear line. It blew these already mentioned spring trends out of the water, and welcomed in a breath of fresh, un-polka dotted air. Aqua blue and neon green florals met delicate lacey silhouettes contrasting thick, black and white twill ensembles, thus creating a unique spring collection.  Simple as that!

In an effort to re-create an Erdem-inspired look, I did a play on his midriff-baring top and his white lace ensembles. The eyelets on my white crop top resembled the intricately embroidered flowers on Erdem’s gowns, while the heaviness of my black denim Levis balanced the daintiness of my top. Adding a pop of color to my outfit, I wore a neon coral and bright pink windbreaker. I also sported a stainless steel, mesh watch to make my rendition of this look feel a bit more polished.

Although I drew inspiration from Erdem, I did not want to lose my own sense of style, so I rocked my favorite spring/summer staple, my white American Apparel jelly shoes. These, although not the most supportive shoes in the field, are extremely versatile and can be worn with tall socks, complemented by a plaid mini skirt and leather jacket to create a grunge look. Or, these Mary Jane-esque shoes can be worn with cigarette trousers and a crop top to add a touch of chicness to any Sunday brunch.

Therefore, while it is easy to fall into the cycle of traditional spring trends, I urge you to bust out of it. Test the fashion waters, get inspired or, even better, become the inspiration for other people.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted black denim jeans. 2. Watch. 3. Jelly shoes.