In the battle between comfort and aesthetics, in the fashion industry, aesthetics always wins. Think about all the times you repeatedly wore those killer pair of heels that had you feeling fierce but unfortunately, left you crawling through the door at the end of the day. Or that dress that was too good looking (and too tight) to eat in.

Knowing how intense fashion trends can be on body parts, I find it very refreshing to see a designer strike a balance between aesthetics and comfort. Alexander Wang’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection reminds us that beauty doesn’t always have to be painful. The collection is a breath of fresh air with tennis dresses, loose trousers and sneakers. A sweet blend of high fashion meets sports that has me rethinking the purpose of my running shoes. Excuse me, as I dab away the tears of joy my feet are currently shedding.

After doing some research, I looked at joggers differently for the first time and even had an epiphany; joggers can have a place outside the house…if styled correctly. I made sure to prioritize comfort while keeping my outfit simple but stylish. Channeling a sporty-chic vibe, I paired the high-waist joggers with a basic black crop top. I bumped the outfit up a notch by tying an ankara (African print) turban with some dainty jewelry. Deciding to take a little break from heels, I opted for a pair of slippers. Although I might not convince many that I’m prepping for the gym in this ensemble, it can pass for running errands or a casual day out with friends.

I insist, put away those sky high heels and that suction dress. Embrace comfort more this summer and give yourself a break. These are basic items you can easily pull together from your wardrobe. Effortless, stylish and best of all: no sweat.

Get My Look: 1. Any stylish pair of joggers. 2. A basic crop top. 3. Any print scarf or turban headband. 4. Any stylish pair of slippers or flat thong sandals.