Fashion—it is something that some people may downgrade and not care about. However, fashion means everything to me. I believe that fashion defines who a person is and how they choose to live their life. Certain articles of clothing define what a person is like and can name a personality trait of themselves. With this look, I chose to demonstrate some of my personality traits and explain to people who Marissa Delle Donne is.

Being comfortable is one of the best feelings. Loose fit tops are a must for me—they are easy to put on and are trendy at the same time. Plaid has made a comeback within the past couple years, and I definitely have a couple of plaid shirts in my closet. This navy blue and white plaid shirt is from Lord & Taylor. Notice the fringe at the bottom of the shirt to give it a “young and wild” feel.

Feeling great always has its perks, and I love a good pair of jeans for this. Sometimes I prefer to wear jeans over leggings (weird, right?) When it comes down to it, the wash of the jean can make or break the outfit. Dark wash jeans can go with some tops that light wash jeans cannot. I chose to wear Good American jeans by Khloé Kardashian for this look. These honestly are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn and would be perfect with multiple outfits.

Looking classy can be considered the equivalent of confidence. Nice shoes are always a must with any outfit someone is wearing. Personally, I love wearing short booties, especially now that it is winter. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down with any outfit. I chose to wear these short gray Steve Madden booties. I have a wide foot, so sometimes it is hard for me to find the right pair of shoes. These are a go-to for me, and I feel confident in a good pair of booties no matter how much pain my feet are in.

I always wear my monogrammed necklace of my initials. With a casual or fancy outfit, that necklace is always around my neck. Watches are also a must in my everyday wardrobe. For this look, I chose to wear my silver Michael Kors watch as it complements the gray booties.

For additional pieces, I added a Calvin Klein puffer vest to keep me warm during the winter season. The gray-colored vest complements the silver accessories and the gray booties, while matching the navy blue and white plaid shirt.

Do not forget to stay warm during the winter season, while being trendy at the same time. Sometimes fashion is painful, but I don’t look at it in that light.