STYLE GURU STYLE: Nighttime Vibes

A black maxi skirt, a simple black bandeau and studded high-low blouse are just a few of my favorite items that can be found in my closet. Although it may take some thought to stand in front of your closet and mix and match, these three items can fit together like peanut butter and jelly!

I have taken inspiration from Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs’s resort 2016 Cushnie et Ochs collection. One can easily do this by layering a plain black bandeau, and a dressy black maxi skirt with an elegant stone studded plum blouse. My inspiration came from the dark tones and long skirts and dresses that were themed throughout the Cushnie et Ochs resort 2016 collection.

Classic elements like a black maxi skirt can be worn in an outfit worn from day to night. This outfit consists of dark colors and a dark purple lipstick to match. In my own closet, I have several black skirts that could be used to create an elegant look perfect for going to class or for an early evening dinner or snack with friends.

Glittery and chic dark tones are the focus of this outfit along with the faux velvet ankle strap shoes. I am wearing a lot of black to complement the black skirt and bandeau. This look is exposing some skin which makes this ensemble perfect for the late summer evenings when I want to spend the night out. This bold look could always use a few small accessories. I am wearing sunglasses because the sun has yet to set and my night is just getting started! To add to this look I’ve chosen a silver curved U-shaped necklace to match my stainless steel silver Fossil watch.

Get My Look: 1. Glittery dressy blouse. 2. Black maxi skirt. 3. Ankle strap shoe.