STYLE GURU STYLE: Nice In Neutrals

I’ve always had mixed emotions about winter. I can’t stand being cold, but I enjoy the comfort of bundling up in a sweater. There is also my scarf obsession, which I am able to take full advantage of during these months. With the first snow of the year came the annual challenge of, “What can I wear that doesn’t make me look huge but will keep me warm?” The answer is neutrals. Whether it’s black, gray, cream or brown, I believe that everybody looks nice in neutrals. This is part of why I found myself drawn to Roland Mouret’s pre-fall 2016 collection. There are many great looks featuring various colors, but I can’t help but lean towards the many sleek black and white looks. A lot of pieces have the wonderful ability to be used as day-to-night outfits and have flattering silhouettes.

Mimicking the all-black ensembles I put together a pair of black corduroy pants with a simple cotton long sleeve. Black is a universally slimming color which makes me love it even more in the winter when I am piling on layers. Print isn’t something that I am usually drawn to, but I love the simple print of the neutral outfits in Mouret’s collection. When it comes to black and white I almost always make an exception. Adding the houndstooth overtop adds some welcomed contrast and interest to the outfit. Plus, there is fringe along the bottom, and fringe is fun.

This houndstooth cape is almost like a larger, longer version of the blanket scarf. Blanket scarves are, in my eyes, the greatest winter accessories ever created. Few things can make me feel cozier in spite of the chilly weather. I loved the black cape that Mouret paired with the black pants to create a sophisticated look, but this cape that I have adds some extra warmth and comfort. The slit that runs from one of the shorter ends of this rectangle to the center creates the opening. The front half can be worn down, creating the illusion of sleeves. It can also be wrapped around the neck as one would wear a blanket scarf while still providing coverage in the back. My favorite thing about this is its ability to be worn in multiple ways.

Mixing in some additional neutrals, these gray boots have just enough of a heel to keep me slightly elevated in the snow without being in danger of wiping out. The ankle buckles create the illusion of structure in their otherwise slouchy silhouette. My embossed leather bag is something that I use nearly every day and it’s my favorite piece that I collected from my time spent studying in Italy. Like my cape, it can be worn in multiple ways: hooked onto the shorter clasps with the fold over snap or extended and simply zipped on days when I have a little more to carry with me. The brown/black combo makes it work with practically every outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Houndstooth cape. 2. Gray boots. 3. Blanket scarf. 4. Embossed leather bag. 5. Black/Brown bag.