STYLE GURU STYLE: New York Minimal

January 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

For most of us who grew up during the 1990s, a former obsession with the Olsen twins is nothing out of the ordinary: a love for their movies, Full House and who could forget the overalls or tube top trends that they started? My point being: the two were fashion icons for neon and Tamagotchi fanatics of the 21st century. Of course, growth for the twins was inevitable. Along the way, Mary-Kate and Ashley created their first prêt-à-porter line, The Row. I was mind blown to finally discover that the collection that I was constantly gathering inspiration from and pinning on Pinterest was a runway line created by the two. The unique and sophisticated line is proof that the twins have developed an excellent taste in fashion design over the years. Having my own love for minimalistic styles, I felt that The Row, especially their pre-fall 2015 collection, was right up my alley. Throughout this collection, the simplicity of the long silhouettes, neutral colors and airy garments prove to be far from ’90s nostalgia. Instead, these styles are elegant and provide quite chic, mature and elongating looks. Naturally, I noticed that these pieces are not only wearable off of the runway, but the different images of the collection could also be used as inspiration for other everyday fashion looks.

When transitioning the looks inspired by The Row’s newest collection off of the runway, it was easy for me to replicate looks that still reflected my personal style. First, if your fashion habits are anything like mine, you know that black and white can never fail. Therefore, I incorporated these two basic colors for the base of my look. Inspired by the first few photos consisting of light and neutral-toned pieces, I decided to go with a simple white button-down. Following, my pair of black (and may I add extremely comfortable) trouser pants gave my look a graceful and light base.

Lastly, the collection would be nothing without long, draped pieces. With this, I couldn’t help but to include my long coat in which I revolved my whole look around. To me, this piece practically symbolizes what the Olsen twins’ collection is all about.

Get My Look: 1. A long collared coat. 2. A pair of black trouser pants. 3. A white button-up.