STYLE GURU STYLE: New Year, New Denim!

STYLE GURU STYLE: New Year, New Denim!

Happy New Year Fashionistas/os! Boy, has it been a long and peaceful break for me down here in Florida this past month. I was able to get together with my family and friends and, most importantly, enjoy time off from school, dip my toes in the warm ocean water, and breathe in the fresh Miami breeze. Even though this break flew, I am ready to head back to Boston and keep discovering new fashion trends as they make their way into 2017.

Being back home over the past couple of weeks, I was able to completely change my wardrobe from big chunky sweaters and scarfs to ripped jeans, T-shirts and shorts. It felt great not having to check my weather app and mentally prepare myself for the cold I would have to face if I was back in Bean Town. Believe it or not, the weather down here in Miami got a little chilly, so for this month’s article I decided to focus on one of the styles I wore around the streets of South Beach.

Denim on denim is starting to make its way back through the streets of Miami and is slowly starting to become a trend again. I’m not talking about the denim on denim look Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake once sported at some music awards, I’m talking about the all casual, simple, and not exaggerated denim on denim look. Some of us tend to get scared when wanting to wear all denim as our look for the day, but if you build your outfit with key pieces of clothing, your outfit will fit you just as well as you want it to.

For my denim on denim look, I choose my favorite ripped jeans that I don’t get the chance to wear in Boston as much and my light jean jacket to add some contrast to my look. I paired my outfit with a simple silky white T-shirt. I recommend choosing simple shirts to wear with your denim look because it’ll make your outfit look less crowded, and it’ll make people focus more on the denim than any other part of your outfit. For shoes, I chose to wear my Stan Smith classic white Adidas to match my shirt and complete my outfit. And for a final touch, I threw my favorite pair of gold Quay Australia sunglasses on to give my look a pop of color.

It’s time for me to take in the last bits of Miami’s sunny weather and warm breeze as I head back to Bean Town soon and get back to bundling myself up. Keep up with my articles and stay tuned to keep up with Boston’s different array of styles throughout this semester!