STYLE GURU STYLE: New Destinations

STYLE GURU STYLE: New Destinations

It’s that time of year again, school has begun and students and teachers alike are making their way back to their usual schedules. As for myself, that means getting on plane and re-settling back in New York City. This action has, and will continue to be, a usual occurrence for me, which is why I have dubbed this look as my ‘travel in style’ outfit. Whether it’s traveling by plane or running around the city, I know this look and looks similar to this are something I will definitely be leaning towards on my ‘lazy days off’ as I begin my official move into the city.

Making my way from California to New York is fun, but it’s also uncomfortable and exhausting. As for deciding what to wear for the trip, well, that can be even more of a hassle. From wanting to travel in comfort to wanting to make sure that what I have on is suitable for both climates, figuring out the perfect outfit is no easy task. Luckily for me, due to the unusually colder temperatures in California and the obvious winter season in New York, I did not have too much of an issue with climate differences.

This is why I love this particular look. It’s versatile and comfortable and can be worn not only during travels but when trying to complete basic everyday tasks. While admittedly this look is not my everyday go to look, it is a look I tend to gravitate to when I have days off, on days when I have to head into the city for an hour or two, or even just head to the library to get some reading done. This is a look that, in many ways, helps me feel comfortable when accomplishing any minuscule task that may come my way.

For me, first and foremost is comfort and style, which is why I chose to to wear my thick ‘New York’ sweater paired with a nice pair of black leggings. These two items together are not only comfortable, but they look nice and also keep me warm in this cold winter season. Paired with a comfortable pair of simple black running shoes, although not ideal for the New York snow, and my favorite winter coat completes the look. For the finishing touches I throw on a nice warm pair of black arm warmers, my favorite beanie, and my snazzy eyeglasses and I am good to go.

As fashion lovers this may not be the most fashion forward outfit, and I will be the first to admit that. However, sometimes nice and simple is sometimes what’s best, and that is why I chose this outfit. With hectic times ahead, such as going to back to school and work and settling in to our lives again, a comfortable yet cute outfit is sometimes what people need.