STYLE GURU STYLE: Neutrals On Top Of Neutrals

One show that caught my exact style and attention was the Alexander Wang resort 2016 show. The show featured my exact kind of color scheme you can find in my wardrobe. The neutral palette Wang used throughout his collection also showcased some very essential garments. What caught my eye most was the way he mixed neutral bold patterns with different textures to complete each and every look. What I also loved about the show was that he incorporated turtlenecks in a few of his outfits. These have been seen in many other shows, however I still felt the most inspired by the way Wang represented it.

I absolutely love Wangs’ collection, and I love challenging myself to put together outfits that are based off of his show, yet they can be translated into an easy everyday wear. Instead of the big pleated shirts and wide leg trousers Wang used, I went with a simple pair of dark wash jeans. I layered two different tops to capture the different textures Wang used in his show. I took a soft long sleeve black shirt and layered a cropped ribbed turtleneck on top. It seems like it may be a bit much to layer two long sleeves on top of one another, however choose two thin material long sleeves, and I promise that you will not feel the bulk. Especially in the cold winter weather, it is a great way to layer up and still look stylish. I was fascinated by the cool buckle details that Wang used for some of his shoes, as well as for added aesthetic on some of the garments. To make this more everyday wear I went with a simple messenger bag with buckle detailing. However there are some great everyday shoes with buckles out there that would work just at well just stick to something with more of a boot style. I also threw on a great pair of leather gloves to play off of my leather boots, along with a cargo parka jacket to capture some of the military vibes that Wangs’ show also consisted of. Overall, I think that Wangs’ collection is a great way to challenge yourself in all neutrals and can be very inspiring to the trends that are going around with winter and spring.

Get My Look: 1. Cropped ribbed turtleneck. 2. Black buckle bag. 3. Simple long sleeve top.