While scrolling through, I came across this look by Paule Ka. Right away, it reminded me of my neoprene skirt in my closet. Neoprene isn’t really something you see someone wearing on an everyday basis. It’s a more structured material that gives a unique shape to the clothing item it’s been manipulated into. I love neoprene fabric because it gives an outfit an unexpected element. Even though it may seem like a hard piece to incorporate into your wardrobe, it’s actually very easy! It’s such a fun fabric to wear and is so much better than just wearing a basic skirt. I love wearing mine on a night out.

In this runway look, you can see that the bottom of the dress is very structured. When I interpreted this look into something more wearable, I kept this in mind. I chose a top that wouldn’t take away from the structure of the neoprene, but would enhance it. This outfit is perfect for that huge party everyone is planning to go to. The deep cut of the crop top paired with the structured neoprene skirt gives a great statement. No matter where the night takes you, you’ll definitely be getting a lot of compliments.

Although neoprene may seem difficult to wear, it’s actually relatively easy. You can pair it with a T-shirt and go casual or combine it with a crop top, leather jacket and booties for a dressier look. Neoprene is one of the best statement fabrics for summer and can be paired with so many different things. It takes your outfit to the next level.

Get My Look: 1. Neoprene skirt. 2. Deep V-neck crop top. 3. Black booties.