STYLE GURU STYLE: NayNay X Kanye X adidas

February 25th, 2015 at 2:05am
STYLE GURU STYLE: NayNay X Kanye X adidas

Let me be very honest in saying that I don’t quite understand the concept behind Kanye’s collaborative collection with adidas. It looked much like The Hunger Games meets grunge and DIY ripped sweaters. However, I secretly like the collection because it screams comfort. To be frank, I have been craving nothing less than this of late. February is super cold! When I’m stuck between being fashionable and being a bum in a blanket, the one thing that stays constant is comfort. This is what my winter style and the Kanye West X adidas Originals fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection have in common.

Pantyhose seemed to make the most appearances in this collection. What a coincidence! They also frequent my daily outfit layout which I spread across my bed while getting ready. Someone once tweeted at me, “How do I dress for this freezing weather?” My response was simple, “Layers, layers and layers.” While I don’t wear them alone, fleece pantyhose make up and essential part of my outfit. They are especially essential for wearing jeans in the winter. Great minds think alike. *winks at Kanye*

I was going to say something about wig caps, but I decided to focus on a different accessory–knee high socks. No matter how warm you think your pants are, the wind in this polar vortex will penetrate them. You basically have two choices, long socks or freeze. So long socks it is! It is a good thing they are super stylish and they are in. Whenever you feel like spotting a pair of shorts or a midi skirt, you can throw on a pair so you don’t have to worry about freezing.

All in all, I admire the absolute simplicity of this collection. There is something about nudes and neutrals that make you feel at peace with everything. Throw in some grunge and you look like a rebel. This is why I choose my studded oversized sweater to go with my clay riding pants. I finished my look off with my black Chelsea boots and a dark brown lip.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized sweater 2. Riding Pants 3. Lipstick.