STYLE GURU STYLE: Natural and Casual

Summer has always been a time to start fresh and I am ready to do just that. I want to make the most out of this summer, so I made a list of all the things I would like to do and accomplish. They are all rather simple ideas such as drinking juice from a watermelon or a coconut on the beach, workout, cook healthy dinners and much more. I also want to learn more about skin and haircare products, to be more conscious about what I am using for my body.

When one is trying to make a change, they must dress for the part. I have to look my part and while searching for a collection to choose for this article, I came across the resort 2016 Carven collection. I loved how the Carven designers Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud used basic colors for their collections and how it was simple, natural and casual. That was another thing on my list before the spring semester ended, to wear more whites/basic colors and to learn how to sport them. Picking this collection was definitely the right decision.

For this outfit, I paired a navy crewneck tank, that has a warm fabric and feel to it, with khaki colored shorts. Since I was going for a simple look, I decided to add gold earrings and a small cross-body white Burberry bag, that I am very much in love with.

I hope to share my journey with you on beginning a natural and elegant lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Get My Look: 1. Khaki shorts. 2. Navy blue shirt. 3. White Burberry Bag.