STYLE GURU STYLE: My Favorite Spring Trends

Personally, my favorite season for style and upcoming trends has always been the spring/summer. I love the transition from sweaters to tanks, or neutrals to bright colors. Lately, I’ve been so excited to put outfits together with all these amazing trends going on right now! Everything I’m wearing is a perfect reflection of my personal style this season.

One of my absolute favorite trends that has been going on is the off-the-shoulder tops. This trend gives off the subtle but sexy vibe and is perfect for the warmer weather. There are so many variations to a blouse like this; you can go for denim, patterns, bright colors, etc. I really feel like you can dress an off-the-shoulder top either up or down. You can wear it casually on a beautiful sunny day, or add a cute choker and some heels and it could be perfect for date night. It’s the perfect piece for spring and summer, and one of the top items I’ll always grab from my closet.

When it comes to shoes I’ll probably always grab a pair of sneakers. They’re just my preferred style of shoe. They are comfy and casual and just go with everything. I have been particularly loving the pastel pink trend; it seems like that color has been everywhere lately, and it honestly can make a plain casual outfit just look complete. If I’m wearing any neutral colors like black or gray or in this case, if my outfit is simple but cute, I’ll add the pink sneakers for an extra stylish touch.

I would say my personal style changes with every season, but there are some essentials, that remain constant throughout the different seasons and changing trends. I always like to be in style, yet stay to true to myself!