STYLE GURU STYLE: Mustard The Courage

Laura Bennett, Project Runway’s season three finalist in 2006, was known for her use of different textures like fur and frills. Ever since then, fur outerwear has made its way to be a classic piece in a girl’s wardrobe. In Céline’s pre-fall 2010 collection, her line is filled with bold colors, clean lines and structured outerwear. Her collection has an underlying theme of balance between color and proportions. With feathers, frills, fur and quilted pieces, how does Céline master a minimalist look with materials that can easily be overpowering?

Anything with a shaggy texture is a daunting fabric to own, let alone to wear outside. In this case, the challenge also rests in the color. The combination of the mustard yellow and the material can be intimidating to style. However, do not fret! The key with statement pieces is to keep things simple by dressing in one color, but using different textures to keep the look 3-D. My initial inspiration for this look was Look four because of the peep of color layered on top of a monochromatic silhouette.

Here, I’ve decided follow suite by going all-black. In order to keep the audience engaged, I’ve also added more texture by wearing necklaces and a pair of side panel leather leggings thanks to Look 24‘s silver belt’s inspiration. In Look 24, you can picture the outfit underneath the overcoat. It is simple and clean, but by having the shine of the feather jacket on the model, the look is transformed. In the same way, the mustard cardigan creates a different mood in the outfit had it stayed just all-black with no cardigan. Even though you may feel a look is complete, try and challenge yourself to mix and match because it creates a deeper story of the model. Aside from adding accents of color or creating a statement, being able to layer is a plus with the cold front ahead of us.

Get My Look: 1. Textured cardigan. 2. Blouse. 3. Leggings. 4. Sunglasses. 5. Necklaces. 6. Boots.