STYLE GURU STYLE: Most Valuable Layer

It finally feels like winter here in Williamsburg with snow on the ground and temperatures dipping below the freezing point. I love winter because it’s the perfect time to experiment with layering and to mix and match some of your favorite pieces. Sometimes those summery pieces look great under a sweater as a nice pop of color. It’s also a great way to freshen up your wardrobe when you start to feel tired of the same winter staples. In addition to adding a pop of color, summer staples can add some interesting texture contrasts.

I found myself very inspired by Yiqin Yin’s spring 2016 couture collection. While I’m certainly not donning long silk draped jersey dresses, a signature of Yiqin Yin, I was inspired by her combination of various textures and use of flowing fabrics. Additionally, I was inspired by her general color palette and combination of black with subtle pops of color. I took these inspirations and applied them to what I wear on a daily basis when hustling and bustling around campus.

I decided to pair my sweater with a black tank top with a jeweled collar. The sweater has a high back which looks great layered with a flowing tank. The tank is a great layering piece that looks good with a boxy sweater. I paired this with a simple pair of black jeans, a wardrobe necessity for every Fashionista. When there are still puddles of melted snow on the ground, a good pair of rain boots is a necessity. I opted for these black booties, which are perfect for trekking through snow and puddles. During the winter, it’s important to have a good go to jacket that goes with just about everything. For me, this J.Crew quilted jacket is a great option. Not only will this layered look keep you warm, but you’ll also look great dashing from class to class!

Get My Look: 1. A collared tank. 2. A boxy sweater. 3. Jacket.