STYLE GURU STYLE: Mosaic Marvels

It is hard to believe that summer is near its final days, especially when there are still countless summer outfits I have still yet to try! A cute printed dress was definitely one of my staples for the summer season, however the dress length was always short. Of course, short dresses are nice for the summer weather, but I wanted something different, something longer. My solution? A midi dress.

Drawing on patterns that were frequently displayed in the BCBGMAXAZRIA pre-fall 2015 collection, I selected a midi dress that was pieced together by different colors, since I am not usually one to wear such bold designs. What fascinated me about BCBGMAXAZRIA’s pre-fall line was how each piece was designed behind the inspiration of mosaics. Keeping the mosaic pattern in mind, I added a few twists to my bohemian styled midi dress look.

My outfit pictured here features a textured midi dress. What sets this midi dress apart from others are the two slits on either side, creating a more daring look. I threw on an ivory lace belt in order to cinch my waist and add some detail to the dress. As for my shoes, I chose a navy sandal with brown and gold detail so I could easily match the navy, cream and mustard colors that are scattered throughout the dress. I finished my look with a long gold necklace to add some flair to my outfit and match the rich color scheme I used.

While there are not many separate pieces I use to accessorize this outfit, it’s the pieces in the dress that make the overall outfit statement. While I do like sticking to plainer outfit pieces, going bold and mosaic is a fun choice I will definitely continue in my future outfits!

Get My Look: 1. A textured midi dress. 2. A macrame belt. 3. Navy strap sandals.