STYLE GURU STYLE: More To Minimalism

Minimalism, aka black and white, is a trend that can (and will) never go out of style. It’s classic, chic and I believe you can survive your whole fashion life with these two colors alone. As seen in Diane von Furstenberg’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, throwing in contrasting patterns and materials gives the classic duo a lot more substance and dimension. Von Furstenberg’s collection illustrates that similar to the classic femme, the modern lady’s sophistication also harbors enchanting stories and sweet secrets of her own. The various styles of summer dresses holds onto the classic ideals of sophistication. However, the high frequency of bare midriffs and high-waist bottoms portrays the modern take from the classic roots. The mix of stunning patterns like floral and plaid on materials like lace and cotton takes the idea of minimalism to a whole new level.

Limiting my outfit to black and white alone, I let the various patterns and textures in my ensemble speak for themselves. The blouse and shoes told the story. The smooth, silk-like blouse adorned with contrasting patterns and little folds gives an air of elegance. On the contrary, the leather and netted material on the shoes evokes rebelliousness and edge. Keeping in mind these two extreme opposites, I used a plain, skater skirt as the mediator between both parties. Or better said, a bridge to permit the harmonious flow of two parallel stories. It’s amazing how fashion can be used to tell and connect stories through textures and patterns. Contrary to the name, with minimalism, the opportunities are endless.

Try expanding your take on minimalism by employing different prints and materials in your ensemble. Leather and lace? Stripes and circles? Have fun with the feelings you can evoke without having to worry much about color combinations. Remember, with black and white, it’s the little things that count towards creating the bigger picture..

Get My Look: Any silk or satin print blouse in black and white. 2. Black skater skirt 3. Leather shoes