STYLE GURU STYLE: More From Michael

While Michael Kors’ self-proclaimed “from bikinis to boots” line is only half applicable to our snowy campus, the style is universal. His classic colors and traditional prints lead to a cohesive look that can bring us into the upcoming season.

In his new collection, Kors focuses on an All-American core. He features a patriotic color scheme of red, white, blue and neutral tones, in addition to classic patterns like stripes, polka-dots and solids. While the collection features a variety of items, the commonality in feel and look is cohesive. In contrast to the classic colors, Kors uses modern and sleek lines to give the line an updated upgrade.

I naturally try and emulate Kors’ style in my everyday outfits. I admire his use of basic patterns and classic colors to create high quality clothing combinations. In an attempt to recreate the theme of his work, I paired a red flannel with a red blazer and threw on some black pants. The basic color scheme paralleled his collection, and the plaid print was an interpretation of his classic patterns. By using a humble print and similar colors, I was able to create the overall feel of his collection. In addition to color and print, I was able to find similarities in the crisp lines of the clothing. Even though an oversized coat muffles the modern line of the blazer, the sharp shoulders mirror his collection.

This collection inspired me to find versatility with simple color schemes and classic patterns, while finding an edge with modern cuts. It is versatile and powerful, and therefore a great trend for any college student.

Get My Look: 1. A classic, patterned top. 2. A statement piece in a complementary color. 3. A pair of sunglasses.