STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochrome Movement

Zimmermann’s resort 2016 collection features three of my favorite things: flowy fabrics, interesting prints and monochromatic looks. I believe that these are staples for any wardrobe and can be recreated over and over again for endless outfits and styles. By injecting my own personality, I find this look is easier to wear and play around with for any occasion. More often than not, people think a more complicated outfit somehow means a better one. I completely disagree, and this collection totally backs me up with its simple silhouettes and great style.

The collection’s allure is in its effortless and comfortable pieces that seem like no brainers. Using pieces from my own closet, I wanted to channel these vibes and keep the outfit casual enough for anything from class to brunch.

The pants and cardigan are flowy and loose, which reflects the aesthetic of the collection. I prevented the look from becoming sloppy by choosing a pair of pants that are breathable but a bit tapered at the ankles. I also opted for a fitted tie-dye top that provides a contrast with the rest of the lack of structure.

Taking inspiration from the key components of this resort collection, the navy pants feature a muted baroque print and the top is tie-dye with dark and light blue colors. This is a subtle way to wear contrasting prints and experiment with monochrome looks. I kept a neutral black and white base for the outfit to avoid going overboard. The cardigan is speckled with black and white, the two strap sandals are black and my nails are white and gray.

This look incorporates both my inspiration from the Zimmermann collection and my own personal style. I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit on a relaxed and casual shopping day when I want to be comfortable and still look great.

Get My Look: 1. Printed pants. 2. Tie-dye top. 3. Sandals.