STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochrome Mania

Fall semester is right around the corner and the last minute running around has commenced. This weekend, I moved into my first apartment and, while I’m happy to be in my own place, I certainly did not miss dressing for this Virginia heat. Target and Wal-Mart runs are easier with the most simple, yet comfortable outfit. Most people you know probably do last minute move-in errands in comfortable clothing, such as leggings, a tank top and running sneakers, but not me! My definition of comfortable is a strapless midi dress, an added shirt tied around my waist and comfortable booties. If you haven’t noticed by now, midi is my go-to all year round.

I was inspired by the basic, yet comfortable looks from Belstaff’s resort 16 collection. This collection consisted of all monochromatic looks that were worn comfortably, just like my look. Look nine is a laid back, all-black look like my all-black, bandeau midi dress. When I saw look 19, I was inspired to add my denim button-down to tone the look down, rather than go for a club-like appearance. Peep-toe shoes were reoccurring in numerous looks in this collection, and I had the perfect shoe for it. My favorite part of my look is how the black heel complements the black dress while the navy part of the shoe complements the denim button-down.

I feel free now that I can wear tube tops/dresses because they weren’t allowed at my summer work and internship. There is something about them that I love, mostly the fully exposed necklines. I know some people think I’m crazy that this is my go-to casual look, but, as a Fashionista, sometimes we just don’t know how to dress down. “Dress for how you want to be addressed,” that’s what I live by.

If you like this look, definitely add a bomber for the fall and sport your summer look all year round. These peep-toe boots have become my favorite because they are so comfortable and they will last me many seasons.

Get My Look: 1.Bandeau midi dress. 2.Denim button-down. 3.Peep-toe booties.