STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic Oil Slick

The color black will never go out of style. It’s so simple yet so mysterious. Black clothing is never a bad choice when you’re deciding on what to wear. It is becoming more and more popular for people to wear outfits that are comprised of only one color. Chanel’s spring 2015 couture collection proves that the monochromatic look is here to stay. Watching the models saunter down the runway in their crisp, single-colored outfits was incredibly visually pleasing. This trend is very easy to pull off, especially if you’re wearing all black. And who doesn’t look good in black?

An oversized off-the-shoulder black sweater is cozy for the winter weather. A sweater like this works well if you are trying to stay warm and avoid the winter chill. The black coated jeans are meant to have a leathery look. The shiny texture of the material on the jeans is offset by the matte material and black coloring found on the sweater. The mixing of textures offers more depth to the monochromatic outfit and makes it look less bland. Sometimes if the textures in a monochromatic outfit are all too similar, it can look like a one-piece outfit, which isn’t the type of look we’re trying to recreate.

Dr. Martens are an incredibly versatile pair of shoes. These classic boots are something I think every Fashionista/o should have in his or her repertoire. Since the boots are unisex, I added pink ribbon laces instead of the plain black shoe laces that come with the boots. I like the addition of the pink ribbons because they make the boots appear more feminine and they also break up all the black in the rest of the outfit.

Accessorize the monochromatic look with a few layered necklaces. The “A” on my gold plate necklace personalizes the look and makes it unique to my personal style. The gold tones in both necklaces look stunning against the black background my sweater provides.

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of headphones. I’m so passionate about music and I figured, if I’m going to be using these things every day, I might as well make them stylish. My Frends headphones are one of my favorite accessories, I never leave the house without them. With an expansive color palette on the earpieces and the oil slick-inspired design, these headphones can accessorize almost any outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Feminine pink ribbon boot laces. 2. Gold plate initial necklace. 3. Frends headphones with some of your favorite tunes will help you perfect your runway strut.