STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic

As any overworked student, summer intern, recent graduate or person of the real world can tell you, Mondays are hard. You’re tired, mourning the loss of your weekend, craving the sunshine from your library or work cubicle and, if you’re anything like me, hungrier than normal on this tough day of the week. This past Monday, as I arrived to work, a member of the marketing team I work for joked that I had a case of the “Monday blues”. I stood confused for a minute before he pointed out that I was wearing an almost all blue outfit. Blue shirt, blue leather jacket, blue watch and blue shoes. Aside from the occasional, well-respected Smurf joke, this was the kind of “Monday blues” I could get used to. In my case, the soon-to-be cliché phrase described one of my absolute favorite fashion trends—monochromatic color schemes.

Inspired by Helmut Lang’s resort 2017 collection, which features tailored jackets and perfectly draped knits, combining slightly different shades and hues of the same color has become one of the best ways I can find to create a clean, crisp look that is nearly timeless. Using one base color with small variations becomes a great way to play around with textures and details without having to worry so much about clashing, not matching properly and all the other mishaps that would land you on an episode of Fashion Police. Using a color like blue is a great way to branch out and explore this trend without getting stuck using the easily-achievable look bases such as black, grey, white and neutrals. Use the simplicity of a single color palette to play around with accessories, textures, hair and makeup for fun all-year-round style!

Get My Look: 1. Top. 2. Jeans. 3. Shoes.