On a hot summer day there’s nothing I want more than to be stylish but still comfy. Who wants to be dealing with complicated outfits when it’s scorching outside? Summer is the perfect time to perfect your casual style! When else can you get away with wearing tank tops and cut off denim pieces? One of my favorite summertime pieces are my mom jeans from Topshop. I love the ’90s look of these jeans that give my outfit a fun, vintage vibe.

I took inspiration from the 6397 2015 spring ready-to-wear collection. This look is particularly based off of look three. I love the way this collection incorporates oversized, casual pieces into their simple style. Oversized pieces are perfect for summer because they don’t cling to you, and they are incredibly versatile. Oversized pieces make great transition pieces from summer to fall.

Fashion always seems to repeat so vintage, and vintage-inspired pieces are must-haves in any closet. The stuff your mom is about throw out from her ’90s closet might hold some of the best vintage pieces you’ve ever seen. Dad’s recycled flannels and mom’s old mom jeans and high-waisted shorts can fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

I choose a simple white, cropped T-shirt to pair with my jeans. I wanted this outfit to have a casual, ’90s vibe to it, much like many of the looks from the 6397 collection. Of course, I wore my Birkenstocks. These are by far my most worn summer shoes; they are so comfy! I also decided to keep my makeup pretty simple but added a pop of color with some blue eyeliner.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of Birkenstocks. 2. A classic black bag. 3. Mom jeans.