STYLE GURU STYLE: Mom-Ye, Yeezy Meets Mom Jeans

When life is busy and hectic like Kanye West’s, settling for simplicity is totally acceptable. Seeing that Yeezy Season 2 has a basic, rather monochromatic feel, it is often easily recreated. In my case, I wanted to incorporate a little bit of Yeezy with a little bit of retro, mom vibes.

Now, I don’t often keep up with the heavy Kanye following, however, I absolutely adore what I have seen from his Season 2 pictures. I truly value high-quality basics that can be easily worked with. In a way, I think that basic neutrals are often overlooked and not taken advantage of. There’s something about neutrals that acts almost like a blank canvas and by pairing it with close to any color, you can achieve a very effortless look. The Yeezy Season collection also plays with a little bit of athleisure with the use of sneakers and the combination of a loose top and skin tight bottom. I definitely believe in comfort in any look, which is why I chose my favorite subtle pink sneakers to complete the outfit.

Adding my own touch to the outfit, I pulled in three of my current favorite things: a bralette, a tight necklace and some mom jeans. One of my favorite things about dressing is bringing in inspiration from different areas or influences, like past decades or pop culture. Choosing to add your own flair to current trends shows confidence and creativity; and THAT makes anyone a Fashionista.

Get my look: 1. A loose sweatshirt. 2. High-waisted jeans. 3. Sneakers. 4. Bralette.