STYLE GURU STYLE: Modern Moto Jacket

As the summer season starts coming to a close, I am beginning to prepare myself for my senior year of college. Although I am a bit emotional about my last year in school, I fought through the tears (and pulled myself away from my Netflix account) and made a list of everything I’ll need to buy before I go back. Luckily for me, a new wardrobe is at the very top of that list. My closet is a bit of a hectic mess, so I have been going through it and trying to find what I want to keep and what I can give away. That is when I came across my favorite article of clothing: my black leather moto jacket.

Okay, so maybe a leather jacket is not the best statement piece to wear during the summer heat. However, those who are lucky enough to live in colder cities might get the chance to break out the moto jacket for an outfit that resembles the relaxed rocker meets quirky-chic looks of the spring 2016 menswear collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

My outfit consisted of a white fitted henley shirt paired with white skinny jeans. I then put my black leather moto jacket over the henley shirt to break away from a monochromatic look and to add an edge and a bold statement piece to my outfit. Lastly, I put on a new pair of black sneakers to keep it casual and to tie in both the black and white elements of my look. Although it is an incredibly hot choice, this look will take any summer outfit from plain to modern with the addition of a black leather moto jacket.

Get My Look: 1. Black leather moto jacket. 2. White skinny jeans. 3. Black sneakers.