Street style has innovated and changed the way we see, wear and perceive fashion. Runway shows along with their collections no longer seem like a dream (okay, maybe a little) or items of clothing only celebrities or those in the high ranks can wear. Because of street style and fashion blogs, these collections now serve as a form of inspiration. We may not be able to afford the exact outfit  worn on a model, but we can sure get inspired by and create our own version of it.

The DKNY resort 2015 collection reminds me of the “model off duty look.” It’s simple, eclectic and has an edge of modern hardcore. Its bold colors of gold, black, white, yellow and plum scream out, “I’m here and ready to take on the world!” Inspired by this, I decided to wear my light weight black top along with a pair of high-waisted jeans. My favorite thing about these two items is that they flatter your body in a way that makes you stand out and look effortless. There’s really no need for layering or extra details. When I laid eyes on this collection my first thoughts were that it poured out a high level of chic. I wanted to emulate that, therefore I added a necklace with an oval shaped pendant and wore beige heeled booties which took my outfit from being bland to sophisticated.

Sometimes the most basic pieces can be the ones that can work the most magic. You don’t need the latest piece to create an outfit. A little inspiration from a collection is all you need to get some fire working.

Get My Look: 1. Black top. 2. High-waisted jeans. 3. Booties.