STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixing the Seasons

It’s me again! As usual, I have been spending my days flipping through fashion magazines, scrolling through blogs and shopping to get the final trends of the summer into my wardrobe. With August approaching, it seems that summer is reaching the end. I must admit that I have started to fantasize about fall fashion, but we can’t forget about our good old summer style.

I stumbled upon the Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear collection and fell in love. Summer is known for bright colors and exquisite patterns. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock an all-black outfit in the summer heat. Compared to other collections I had looked over, Marc Jacob showed us that it is possible to rock darker colors in the summertime and still brighten up a room. I took this advice and ventured out to find a new piece of clothing that I could call my own. August is a tough time to shop for clothes because you are always debating whether you should splurge on one more pair of shorts or get a head start on your fall shopping. I try and find pieces that will complement both seasons equally.

I was able to find a pair of wide leg pants with a mesmerizing floral pattern. This gives off a summer vibe. The darker color also connects you with the fall season, but still making it accessible during the summer time.

Get My Look: 1. A dark pair of wide leg pants. 2. A fun, colorful bag. 3. Simple black sandals.