STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixing Fabric and Patterns

Going to school and living in Upstate New York brings many different weather patterns and temperatures. After a very short winter season, which may still be on its way, the air is starting to warm up and the sight of snow is pretty rare. I don’t think anyone is ever upset by having to wear fewer layers when walking to class and this is the perfect weather to wear a little less.

As I stick to a basic neutral color palate, I try to keep certain patterns and fabrics incorporated into my outfits to avoid having outfits look bland. Many of the fall 2016 ready-to-wear shows do the same thing. As they are far from boring and drab, some of them use your typical neutral color palates to make the pieces wearable in everyday situations, as well as versatile with different outfits. This outfit is inspired by Ralph Lauren’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear line. In his new line, he features his signature look with Western-inspired patterns incorporated into his use of corduroy, suede, and leather.

My outfit shows the usage of some of the characteristics used by Lauren. My jacket is English hunting gear-inspired but with a boxy silhouette. This Barn Coat has a light but warm flannel lining. I paired this with a Merino wool gray turtleneck and medium wash jeans. For shoes, I am wearing suede and leather all-weather boots that can be worn for a walk in the woods or walking around campus regardless of the season.

Lauren’s newest line shows this design characteristic exactly. He primarily uses suede boots and heavy suede overcoats mixed with leather boots and different subtle patterns. In particular, his runway show showcased British influence into the “All-American” look. Oversized jacket silhouettes and plaid draped the models to show the usage of English hunting garb. His runway fashion continues to inspire my outfits and my love for classic style. This runway look and color scheme mixed with different fabrics is a great everyday outfit idea for the transition from the cold winter weather to the beautiful spring days ahead.

Get My Look: 1. Barn coat. 2. Merino turtleneck. 3. Boots.