STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixed Dimensions

June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Baby pink leather and delicate embroidered white lace sound like a perfect combination for a subtle, feminine look. Subtle and feminine seem to be on trend this season, yet so is menswear and sporty-chic inspired pieces. The challenge lies within finding harmony between polar opposites and turning heads while doing it.

It is important to take inspiration from designers who absolutely nail the combination of various elements. Colcci, a São Paulo based line, is known for its unorthodox streetwear. In their Spring 2015 collection, there is a pattern of femininity mixed with leather and menswear-inspired pieces. The key to combining these elements lies within a trend loved by all fashionistas, all seasons and all ages: layering.

Taking inspiration from Colcci spring 2015, I layered a long-sleeved lace crop top under a sport vest for some extra warmth on a breezy May day. I paired the two with a high-low-inspired leather mini skirt and matched the vest to a pair of black suede slip-on’s. To complete the look, I used a white mini handbag to bring the femininity vibe home. Many of the looks featured in this spring’s Colcci collection combine rigid lines with boho lace along with long necklaces. The harmony among all these trends fit together for a head turning, on trend and upscale look. To nail this type of look I encourage you to explore mixed dimensions by layering different length pieces and using accessories to balance everything out. Keep in mind that sticking to a specific color scheme allows the look to become cohesive—every Fashionista’s dream.

Fashion is all about taking risks, exploring trends and transforming inspiration. The challenge of combining polar opposites is one a proud Style Guru like me is happy to take on.

Get My Look: 1. A pink leather mini. 2. A white long-sleeved crop top. 3. Black suede slip-ons. 4. A mini top handle bag.