When it comes to my personal style, I tend to air on the maximalist side. For me, getting dressed means experimenting with all different types of patterns, textures, and layering to make a fashion statement. Taking risks and getting creative with various textures and prints is my most successful styling hack to avoid a true fashion nightmare–a snooze-worthy outfit.

This spring and summer, the mix-and-match trend is in full force and I couldn’t be happier. For my look, I embraced my love for playful clothing and mixed some of my favorite items of this season. As the base of my outfit, I chose an embroidered, mesh top that is exploding with vibrant colors. The stitching details of the colorful tropical print on white mesh really ups the wow factor of this statement piece and make it come to life.

My second item choice for this mix-and-match look was a pair of striped shorts that give me summer visions of sun, sand and stripes on the beach. I love the ruffled side detail because, it gives these shorts a little more attitude. I teamed this duo with my go-to pair of platform espadrilles. The neutral colors of this shoe make it easy to match them with nearly anything in my summer wardrobe. To finish up, I chose a white leather backpack with minimal detail in order to contrast the bold features of my clothing. The white color of the bag pulls this look together by accentuating the hues of white in each piece of the outfit.

For those of you in need of a summer outfit refresher, put this trend to the test! Here are a few pointers on how to rock the mixed and matched outfit successfully this season. First off, try choosing simple silhouettes and only two main prints to ensure that your look stays tasteful and doesn’t go overboard. Secondly, pull from the same color palette by finding a piece that shares a color with your outfit’s hero item. My hero item was my mesh, embroidered top and my striped shorts share the top’s light blue and white hues. The white and blue colors of both items tie these two, very different pieces together. Thirdly, play around with different textures and shapes. Next, add a third point in your outfit. A third point can be something smaller like socks, shoes, a hat, or even a simple jacket that fits in with your color palette. In my look, my third point is a pair of platform espadrilles that amp up the look just a little. Finally, check to see if your different pieces fit in the same aesthetic. Staying uniform in aesthetic helps multiple prints remain cool and fashionable.