STYLE GURU STYLE: Miss Monochrome

Anyone that knows me knows that summer is my favorite season because my closet is bright, colorful and very playful. A closer look though and you can find some pretty classic pieces hidden in the shadows.

DKNY by Donna Karan is, in my opinion, the epitome of classic and timeless fashion. Her resort 2016 collection is a prime example of how such simple pieces can make such a big statement. The items are monochromatic and masculine with its straight fitting slacks, blazers and coats.

To capture this look, I decided to wear a pair of black harem pants. Harem pants have been my go-to this summer because of how comfortable they are. The comfortable, loose fit give the illusion of the oversized slacks while the elastic in the ankle refrain from feeling overwhelmed by too much fabric. Culotte pants are another option that can easily resemble the design of Karan’s slacks. The side detail on this pair give off the polish feel that she portrays in her 2016 collection.

Although the DKNY line features boyfriend styled blazers which are such a fun piece to match with denim for a cool and casual look so they are a must! Wearing a blazer with a synched waist balances out the baggy bottoms to help maintain a feminine figure. It also makes this runway style much more appropriate for the everyday Fashionista. And because I’m not brave enough to wear all-black, I matched my black blazer with a fitted white tank top.

Karan’s collection also features white tennis shoes with every single look. I decided to opt out of sneakers and wear white sandals to add a relaxed feel to an otherwise structured outfit. To complete the look, I added a boxy purse that almost has the look of a briefcase.

Overall, this collection inspires me to hand out my resumé to every employer and take on the business world. It’s sharp and sleek in every way and quite simple to achieve.

Get My Look: 1. Black harem pants. 2. Black blazer. Structured purse.