STYLE GURU STYLE: Miniskirts and Mega Confidence

STYLE GURU STYLE: Miniskirts and Mega Confidence

We have officially entered the new year so it’s that time again to get back to reality. I find it’s a tough transition moving from the festive season back into reality, but it’s time to walk into this new year with my best foot forward and always remembering to do so in style.

As I prepare myself for my second year of college, I look forward to getting to learn more about this growing industry of fashion as we recap the trends of the past, the present, and get introduced to the future trends of 2017. I look forward to being able to incorporate those new trends into outfits that I put together for the days ahead. Yes, it is a drag when I think about having to get out of bed for college lectures and going about my day to day errands, but the fun thing about having to prepare for the day ahead is being able to put together an outfit that makes me feel good about myself. I love the fact that fashion enables me the power to be able to use clothing as a form of upliftment and self-expression, and through this I am able to discover different styles of fashion that represent who I am as an individual.

I love keeping the main pieces of my outfits as simple and as neutral as possible because that gives me the freedom to experiment with accessories and hairstyles. For example, with this look that I put together I stuck with a simple navy, high-neck T-shirt tucked into a black, high-waisted miniskirt–I live for high waisted anything especially if it’s a short skirt! I love pairing high-waisted skirts with different kinds of socks and stockings because I think it adds a sense of edge and playfulness to the outfit. In this outfit, I put on some black, knee-high socks and a pair of suede ankle boots.

I further accessorize with a white bandana for a headband to style my braids in a Poetic Justice inspired updo. I am crazy about Paisley bandanas, and I drew inspiration from singer Pia Mia and her collection of Paisley bandanas. I love collecting these bandanas because they can be accessorized in so many different ways and bring a sense of edge to my outfits. I then finished this look with a simple black velvet choker. I absolutely LOVE chokers. I think they’re such a fabulous piece to add to an outfit.

Fashion is a form of expression, a powerful one in fact because it gives you the power to scream to the world about who you are without you even having to open your mouth and speak. It gives us just that extra ounce of confidence to go about our day and get closer to reaching the goals we plan to achieve this new year and of course making sure we do so in style!